Nikki la sensitiva fa 800 previsioni per il 2021: terremoti, elezioni, matrimoni e divorzi vip

Ci risiamo, è tornata la sensitiva dei vip.

27 Dic 2020 Anthony Festa • Tempo di lettura: 33 minuti

Come ogni dicembre ecco puntuali le previsioni di Nikki, la sensitiva americana dei vip. La donna si è ventata di aver previsto una pandemia (in realtà era in una sua lista del 2012) e l’addio di Donald Trump alla Casa Bianca (però aveva detto che nemmeno Joe Biden sarebbe stato eletto).

“Ho previsto molte cose che sono accadute. Avevo visto che Trump non avrebbe trionfato, la pandemia di Coronavirus, i problemi di salute di Trump, le terribili inondazioni a Venezia in Italia, la morte di un protagonista di James Bond. Poi avevo azzeccato l’aumento degli avvistamenti UFO in tutto il mondo, le numerose proteste e rivolte in tutto il mondo, il ricovero in ospedale Rudy Giuliani e un attacco a Vienna, in Austria. Anche sulle star avevo visto giusto sul crollo di Kanye West, la nomination agli Oscar di Joaquin Phoenix sarà nominato per un Oscar, la vittoria di Renee Zellweger e soprattutto la gravidanza di Katy Perry. Oltre alle morti celebri che ho visto, ce ne saranno altre nel 2021 (qui la lista)”.

Per il 2021 Nikki ha previsto altre catastrofi in Italia, dai terremoti di Roma e Napoli, fino al crollo della Torre di Pisa. Per non farci mancare nulla, secondo la chiaroveggente, nel nostro paese ci sarà una devastante eruzione, la distruzione di una chiesa a Milano e un’alluvione a Como. Tutte cose che la signora aveva inserito anche nella lista per il 2020 e che non si sono verificate (ma che secondo lei accadranno nel 2021 o nei prossimi anni).

Più che una veggente a me questa donna continua a ricordare…

Non solo morte e distruzione, Nikki ha anche annunciato un matrimonio per Sandra Bullock, un altro Oscar per Viola Davis e un Golden Globe per Sophia Loren. Anche diverse buone notizie per le nostre amate popstar, stando a questa lista Katy Perry avrà un altr* figli*, Ariana Grande si sposerà e Justin Bieber diventerà padre.

Nikki, previsioni mondiali.

  • Biden will be president but for a noticeably short time either because of ill health, accident, or threats. He will be preceded by a woman
  • A huge earthquake tsunami in Japan
  • A tsunami in Hong Kong
  • A huge earthquake in Oregon
  • Collapse of the Pyramids in Egypt
  • A new Serbian War
  • A collapse of a building in Germany
  • China becoming more powerful and more of a threat
  • More sanctions against Iran
  • Protests in Brazil
  • Terrorist attack in Boston
  • Floods in Eastern Europe
  • Donald Trump will write a tell all book and ink a deal with Fox news and have show
  • Donald Trump – Possible arrest
  • Trump will be fighting lawsuits
  • Possible illness around Trump
  • Trump divorce with Melania
  • Danger around Barron Trump
  • Trump will probably move to Florida but will end up living in several places
  • More oceanic discoveries
  • Marine life and underwater city’s
  • Earthquake at Mount Rushmore
  • Plane crash in Tucson Arizona
  • An earthquake in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Hijacking of a commercial aircraft
  • Trouble in Ireland
  • An ancient city found under a lagoon
  • Lockdown of an airport
  • An airport under attack
  • Siege of politicians in parliament
  • Assassination of a world leader
  • Hijacking of a ship
  • Large earthquake off the coast of Alaska
  • Coronavirus will level off by Spring
  • The COVID-19 vaccine will help, but not everyone will take it
  • Marshall Law and war in Ethiopia
  • Mount Etna, Vesuvius & Pico erupting
  • Fire in Little Italy, New York City
  • Towering Inferno in New York City
  • Parts of New York on fire
  • Uprising in Russia
  • Moscow on fire
  • Health issues for Joe Biden
  • Flooding of the Isles of White after a great storm
  • Tragedy at the London Bridge
  • Kidnapping around the children of the Royal Family
  • The future of restaurants and retail will be like going through airport security
  • Tragedy at the Swiss Alps
  • A heist at an airport worth millions of dollars
  • A German airport under siege
  • A Welsh mining accident
  • A train will blow up on England
  • San Andreas Fault in California is about to explode
  • Tragedy at a football field
  • Riot at a soccer stadium in Brazil
  • Amalgamation of a lot of corporate companies
  • Forest fires in Greece – spreading to the city of Athens
  • A mill on fire
  • An attack at FBI headquarters
  • Rio Grande river turning different colours
  • Tragedy in El Paso, Texas
  • A mega earthquake in Mexico and Mexico City
  • A drowning in a canal in Amsterdam
  • A giant spider nest found in a cave
  • A clown that looks like the Joker will go on a killing rampage in New York City
  • Woodpeckers will become extinct
  • Discovery that the White House is haunted
  • Donald Trump will sell a lot of his properties as assets
  • The film industry will slow down in California
  • A bomb goes off at a Las Vegas hotel
  • A bomb in the Paris subway
  • A large earthquake in Reno, Nevada
  • India and Pakistan at war
  • Philippines and Taiwan at war
  • Problems between India and China
  • An assassination at the United Nations
  • There will not be another pandemic for at least 10 years
  • A Grizzley Bear will walk into a Western town and cause problems
  • A famous celebrity will die in a skydiving accident
  • A great flood at Lake Como, Italy
  • More catastrophic flooding in Venice, Italy
  • A great Bald Eagle will be found on a skyscraper in New York City
  • The state of Maine under water
  • Flooding in New Hampshire
  • A crane collapse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • A small chartered pane will crash in the Swiss Alps
  • A fire at Oxford University
  • Flooding in the Florida panhandle
  • A new breed od giant Parrot will be found in Guyana
  • A famous rapper will fall from a great height
  • A kidnapping around baby Archie
  • Another ice skating fiasco like Tonya Harding
  • A giant earthquake in Ecuador
  • A fire at Penn Station in New York City
  • A Ferris Wheel tragedy at a popular theme park
  • A politician’s dog stolen
  • Avalanche in Banff
  • Giant earthquake in China
  • Tragedy in Salt Lake City
  • Drought in Wyoming
  • Shortage of Cucumbers in the world
  • A shooting in Roanoke, Virginia
  • Many lawsuits and court dates for Donald Trump
  • Lots of seismic activity in Australia and New Zealand
  • Giant Tsunamis and large waves worldwide
  • Huge explosion and fire in Houston, Texas
  • Lots of domestic terrorism in the U.S. Such as an Oklahoma bombing
  • Scientists will come up with more vaccines for future use
  • A disease around Tulips in Holland
  • Terror Attacks in Tokyo
  • More Great White Shark incidents – Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, U.S. East/West Coast
  • A flare thrown during a circus routine will go wrong and kill at least 2 people
  • A movie theatre on fire
  • A lot more space trash falling from the sky
  • Mount Fuji in Japan could erupt
  • Japan could suffer a devastating earthquake and Tsunami
  • Breakthrough in Eye Diseases
  • Inauguration of Biden and Harris, but Biden might not complete term due to health issues
  • A much quieter New Year – Next year will be better in terms of celebrations
  • The Pope may resign due to ill health and other factors
  • Cruise ship getting caught in a Tsunami and overturning
  • More ancient underground cities will be found
  • More corporations and people tying to clean up the planet
  • People leaving city for small towns, country, farms and cottage life
  • Second half of the year is much better – economy more stable and people are feeling better
  • A lot more solar flares of the sun
  • A Tsunami in Russia
  • Coloured Poodles will be fashion

Dalla Francia alla Russia e l’Italia, altre predizioni.

  • Beverly Hills will become a ghost town after celebrities sell their properties because of the impacts of the virus in California – they will move to Australia, Canada, and parts of Europe
  • Iran and Israel at war
  • A disease around bananas
  • Riots in Paris and France
  • Trump may move or visit Russia
  • The White House under attack
  • Mar-a-Lago on fire
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will take a different approach, which will work in his favour, but he has to be careful of danger
  • WW3, but it will be a noticeably short war and then more peace
  • Another planet will be discovered, and more sightings are possible, and some sort of unidentified flying object could very well land in area 51.
  • I see more UFOs over desert areas such as, Nevada, California and Southern United States etc.
  • A plane crashed into the Grand Canyon
  • A heist at the fames Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
  • A terror attack in Tripoli
  • Venice Beach, California under water
  • Scotland becoming independent
  • Space junk falling from the sky more than usual
  • A great earthquake in Gibraltar, Spain and Monaco
  • A plane will crash after experiencing bad turbulence in Chicago and New York City
  • The Mississippi River will overflow and flood due to stormy weather
  • Death of a trapeze artist
  • The landscape will change drastically in Los Angeles and San Francisco after devasting earthquakes
  • A cargo ship will catch fire in the Caribbean
  • A famous Politian will suffer a seizure
  • Two championship ice skaters will collide on the ice sustaining serious injuries
  • A heist at Buckingham Palace stealing millions of dollars worth of jewellery and paintings
  • A famous racehorse will be stolen
  • Train derailment in Hoboken, New Jersey
  • A space tragedy
  • A huge earthquake Rome damaging the Colosseum and Vatican
  • A gas explosion in Chicago, Illinois
  • An unknown plane circling the White House
  • A German castle collapsing after a fire
  • A man will attempt to cross the Atlantic in a hot air balloon
  • A famous politician will resign
  • Danger around Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and health issues
  • A famous divorce in Washington
  • Lions, Tigers and Leopards will escape from a zoo and terrorize a town
  • Flooding in San Pedro, California
  • A large earthquake in Napa Valley, California
  • A plane going from New York to Paris will crash
  • A plane crash in Germany
  • A mass shooting in Columbus, Ohio
  • Trouble around the Berlin Wall
  • A large earthquake in Las Vegas, Nevada – danger to many hotels
  • Flooding in a New York City subway
  • Many explosions in Brooklyn, New York
  • A Crocodile will eat a movie star
  • A plane crash in the Mohave Desert
  • A young starlet will steal diamonds from a jewellery store
  • Oprah and Michelle Obama may run for political office
  • Over 50 people killed on a plane after severe turbulence
  • More Royal scandal
  • Tragedy at the Berlin Wall
  • Secret tapes haunt the Royal Family
  • A one to two day shut down of airline services in the US, similar to 9/11
  • A highway collapses in California
  • An enormous earthquake in Vancouver, BC
  • Earthquake in Ontario, Canada
  • A train and a double decker buss collide
  • Cancer around one of the Royals
  • Great cures for Cancer within the next 5 years that will be the cure to rid all Cancer
  • An escape artist tries to copy one of Houdini’s performances and dies
  • A swinging bridge in Costa Rica will collapse
  • More Royal pregnancies
  • An elevator accident in Tokyo, Japan
  • Somebody passes away on a beach buried in sand
  • A slab of glass and concrete crashes down in NYC, several fatalities
  • A shooting in Mount Royal, Quebec
  • Niagara Falls overflowing
  • A freight train derailment near Ottawa, Ontario
  • A huge fire in Dublin, Ireland
  • Fire destroys Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee
  • A large bank robbery in Europe nets millions for the robber
  • A damaging storm hits Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Terror attack in Helsinki, Finland
  • A terror attack in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • A prize fighter will die in the ring
  • An uprising in Uganda
  • Destruction of Spain after a large earthquake
  • A cruise ship catches fire
  • A sudden downpour of hail in Tokyo, Japan kills many
  • An earthquake in West Virginia
  • An earthquake in Oxford, England
  • A live Dinosaur will be found near a University
  • An earthquake destroying parts of the Pyramids in Egypt
  • A plane skids off the runway at JFK, injuring many
  • A pilot will be drunk on a transatlantic flight
  • A real-life Robin Hood will rob banks to feed the poor
  • A famous hotel will burn down in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nikki: altre previsioni per il prossimo anno.

  • A Robbery around a famous rapper
  • The world will find a surplus of Gold
  • A breakthrough and cure for Leukemia
  • A highway collapses in San Bernardino, California
  • An earthquake in Slovenia
  • A serious horse injury around a country music star
  • A transport truck tries to avoid a coyote on an Arizona highway, colliding into many cars
  • Tragedy at Big Sur California
  • Flooding in Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • A tornado destroys a town in Alabama
  • An oil rig destroyed by a hurricane
  • A white-water rafting accident
  • Disney studios up in flames
  • Tragedy at a country club in California
  • Flooding in Tuscany
  • A tragedy at a zoo
  • A bad storm in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
  • Terror attack in Washington, DC
  • A giant Lobster will be found in Nova Scotia
  • The Moon turning a different colour
  • More frequent Tsunami’s worldwide
  • A runaway trolly in Lisbon, Portugal
  • A terror attack in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • A great explosion in Nepal
  • New York City skyline changing
  • A hotel is swept into the Sea
  • A great flood in Savannah and Charleston
  • A terror attack in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Total destruction after an earthquake in Yellowstone
  • Sexual allegations of a late-night talk show host
  • Many cars stolen at an auto show
  • A lost city found under Athens, Greece
  • A great fire in Rome, Italy
  • A bridge in India collapses
  • A bomb blast at the US Capital
  • Parts of a church will collapse in Milan, Italy
  • A plane crashes in Sherbrooke, Quebec
  • An Arctic town melts due to extreme heat
  • A tsunami in Hawaii
  • The sky turns pink (not at sunrise or sunset
  • An unidentified plane crashes in Boston, Massachusetts
  • An oil well in Texas catches fire
  • A famous newspaper will fold
  • Flood in San Francisco
  • Fires in Melbourne, Australia
  • An explosion at Carnegie Hall
  • A terror attack in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • A great fire at an iconic hotel in New York City
  • Hundreds of dead fish
  • Tragedy at a monster truck show
  • A fire at Windsor Castle
  • A mini tsunami at Coney Island
  • Somebody dies at a food eating contest
  • A train derailment in Arizona
  • Major terror attack in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Fire in Athens at a grand cathedral
  • Elephants charging into a city and killing many
  • A Schooner boat will sink in the Caribbean
  • More volcanic eruption worldwide
  • A towering inferno in New York City
  • Trouble at the George Washington suspension bridge in Fort Lee New Jersey
  • Riot at a basketball game
  • Trouble at the Cannes Film Festival
  • A disease around Rabbits
  • Trouble in Westminster, London

Continua a leggere la lista della veggente americana.

  • An attack at a Naval base in Norfolk, Virginia
  • An attack in Wolverhampton, England
  • Disease around Beatles
  • Strange objects falling from the sky
  • Boris Johnson health issues – heart problem
  • Piers Morgan being arrested
  • A big heist in Amsterdam
  • A man will steal money from a plane ad bail out just like DB Cooper did on November 24th, 1971
  • Another volcano eruption in Hawaii
  • Shooting at a Symphony
  • Collapse of a suspension bridge
  • Former President Bill Clinton health issues
  • Hillary Clinton has to watch her health
  • A few problems around the marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama
  • A new species of Snail will be found
  • An earthquake on the east side of Antarctica
  • A huge earthquake in Mexico City
  • Two planes collide in Florida
  • A volcano under Los Angeles
  • Increased violence in South Africa causing a lot of riots and protests
  • Explosion in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • More crop circles showing up around the world
  • Planets will collide in space
  • A Tornado in New York City
  • A shooting at the Venice Film Festival
  • Canadian Geese will attack people in a Canadian town
  • A flock of wild Turkeys will attack a town in Southern New Hampshire
  • A shooting at a New Hampshire university
  • A monster storm hits Boston, Massachusetts
  • A shooting and riot at Harvard University
  • A collapse of a bridge in Panama
  • Terror attack in Panama
  • Large earthquake in Quito, Ecuador
  • A large volcanic eruption in Iceland
  • Drone attack at the White House
  • A huge earthquake in China
  • Big changes in the Monarchy of Britain – 2 funerals will cause havoc
  • Greta Thunberg will win many awards, could win Nobel Peace Prize, but has to be careful of kidnapping
  • Other countries, like Scotland are likely to follow suit and separate as well
  • Giant sinkhole in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • New Orleans under water
  • A Dam breaks in California, lots of damage
  • A Spaceship landing in desert area
  • An increase in UFO sightings worldwide
  • A large fan shape flying object seen all over the world
  • A lot of UFOs in India
  • Danger around Justin Trudeau
  • A mayor in a Canadian city will be a hero
  • Attack or shooting at a NHL game
  • Arrest made in the Natalie Wood case
  • An arrest in the Madeline McCann case
  • Giant earthquake in Naples, Italy
  • Penguins invading cities
  • Multiple streakers at a Baseball game
  • Birmingham, England on fire
  • Huge hurricanes and earthquakes in the Carolinas
  • Mexican uprising and revolution
  • A famous New York City jewellery store will be robbed
  • Assassination of a young leader
  • A famous castle will burn
  • An earthquake in in Tokyo and Mount Fuji
  • A tsunami is Malibu, California
  • Terrorist attack in Central Park, New York City
  • Celebrity couple overdosing

Nikki, continuano le sue previsioni per il 2021.

  • Illness around President Trump
  • Bush fires and wildfires in Australia
  • People of North Korea will overthrow the Government
  • Protests and Riots worldwide
  • Meteorite will hit Moscow
  • A sinkhole in Downtown Manhattan, swallowing cars
  • Isle of Capri under water
  • Explosion near the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy
  • A plane crashing in Amsterdam
  • Long Island under water, serious flooding
  • An Elephant kills a trainer
  • A lost world under the sea
  • A Hollywood star involved in a mercy killing
  • A tragedy in Wichita, Kansas
  • Roof collapse at Carnegie Hall in New York City
  • An explosion at Danish embassy
  • Shootings on Wall Street
  • Train derailment in Gary, Indiana
  • Giant earthquake in Alaska and British Columbia
  • Earthquake at the Grand Canyon
  • Widespread flooding in Romania
  • Several explosions in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • A gigantic earthquake in Panama
  • Shooting at a school in Albany, New York
  • Temperatures rising even more in the Arctic
  • A brawl and riots in London’s Hyde Park
  • A bomb blast at Buckingham Palace
  • A bomb blast in a subway in Paris
  • Danger around French President Emmanuel Macron
  • Typhoon hits Australia
  • Gas explosion in New York City
  • Bomb blast at Heathrow Airport
  • Sky turning different colours all over the world
  • Terrorist attack in Singapore
  • An airport terminal under attack
  • An elevator accident at the Empire State Building
  • A race horse at a racetrack bolts into the crowd, injuring many
  • An attack in Antwerp, Belgium causing panic
  • The Nile River overflows, causing flooding near the Pyramids in Egypt
  • Many shipwrecks will be found, including a Spanish Galleon ship
  • A monster storm in Shanghai and Hong Kong
  • Large earthquake in Scotland and Norway
  • Mass shooting in Cleveland
  • Boston buried in 20 ft. of snow
  • Bombing on Fifth Avenue in New York City
  • A new Billy Graham will emerge
  • Serbia at war again
  • A commercial ocean liner will sink
  • More space junk falling from the sky
  • Another high rise fire
  • A University under siege
  • An attack at a carnival or midway
  • A Bull will escape a its pen and kill people
  • A Typhoon hits Australia
  • A plane will crash in the English Channel
  • An attack at the Washington Post
  • Two subways collide
  • A Shark will kill a movie star
  • An airplane crash at Helsinki Airport
  • Air Force One will have engine trouble
  • Multiple fatalities on the New Jersey Turnpike after a couple of crashes
  • A member of the Trump family will be abducted
  • Revitalization of Detroit, Michigan
  • A boat sinks in the Detroit River
  • Danger around a politician in Scotland
  • Millions of dollars in Gold Bullion under a museum
  • A bank robbery in Chicago, Illinois
  • Mark Zuckerberg has to be careful of planes

Le previsioni della sensitiva dei vip.

  • Storms in Big Sur, California causing major landslides
  • A famous Rembrandt painting will be stolen
  • Two gondolas colliding in Venice, Italy
  • Breakthrough in Glaucoma and other eye diseases
  • A college in Houston, Texas on lockdown
  • Somebody will fly a drone into the White House
  • Mississippi River overflowing
  • A baseball team is kidnapped and held for ransom
  • Big breakthrough in treatment of spinal injuries
  • A World War II plane will crash at an airshow
  • A plane will be hijacked in Houston, Texas
  • A tragedy at Lake Huron
  • Riots and protests in Rome, Italy
  • A fire in a shop in Halifax Harbour
  • A space triumph
  • Protests and riots in London, England
  • A plane crash in Pearl Harbor
  • Another sex scandal in Washington DC.
  • A giant Gorilla like King Kong found on a remote island
  • A treasure of ancient coins, gold and silver will be found off the coast of Africa
  • A bombing in Caracas, Venezuela, possibly at an embassy
  • An attack in Morocco
  • A soap opera star and a Washington politician sex scandal
  • A famous male politician will come out as female
  • A vigilante in New York like the movie, Death Wish
  • Locusts invading a city in the Middle East
  • A fist fight between two news anchors on a live TV broadcast
  • Wall Street panics as there are worldwide fluctuations in the Stock Market
  • Gunshots around a Legislature
  • Flooding from violent storms in Niagara Falls
  • Jimmy Carter hospitalized
  • A tornado in Laredo, Texas
  • Damage to the Liberty Bell
  • A giant earthquake in Costa Rica
  • A disease around the Redwoods in Northern California
  • Avalanche in Switzerland
  • A famous race car driver will perish in a crash
  • Another city in the US with water problems like Flint, Michigan
  • Mudslides in a Mexican city
  • Mudslides in California
  • Train derailment in Hoboken, New Jersey
  • An attack in Times Square, New York City
  • An earthquake in the Atlanta, Georgia and into the Carolina’s
  • A tsunami in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • A 200 car pile up on a LA freeway
  • Attack at the Sears building in Chicago
  • A commercial airliner will have a hole in it, but the pilot will land it safely
  • A plane crashing from California to Hawaii
  • A huge earthquake in Sumatra
  • Jail for a Washington politician
  • A great storm hits Boston, Massachusetts
  • A disease kills Bison in the US and Canada
  • A fire a Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA
  • Kangaroos will invade a city in Australia
  • A famous chef before a Judge, could go to jail
  • Dust storms in Arizona, the Mohave Desert and the Middle East
  • A meteorite will hit earth, creating a giant crater and it will be radioactive
  • A convict will escape prison through a storm sewer
  • Explosion at MSNBC and CNN
  • Terror attack in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia
  • An ancient city will be found under a desert
  • A violent bank robbery In Omaha, Nebraska with people taken hostage
  • Protests, riots and a bomb in Trafalgar Square in London, England
  • A breakthrough in the cure for Osteoporosis
  • Tsunami under the Indian Ocean
  • Bloody violence on the Gaza Strip in the Middle East
  • Shootings in South Beach, Miami
  • There will be a train heist like in the Old West
  • A breakthrough in the cure of Eczema
  • Protests in Long Beach, California
  • Shooting at the Capital Building in Washington, DC
  • A Giant Eagle will be found in Alaska
  • A space tragedy
  • A shooting on Wall Street
  • A bad fire in the old section of downtown Chicago
  • A plane hitting a signal tower in Chicago
  • A daredevil attempts to go over the Golden Gate Bridge
  • A famous politician will be found out that he likes bondage and is with a Dominatrix
  • A baseball player will kill a person by hitting the ball into the stands
  • Panic in the streets of Brooklyn, protests
  • Breakthrough in the cure for Breast Cancer
  • Apple and Samsung merge
  • Lights go dark in Times Square, New York City
  • Martial Law in Birmingham, Alabama and Macon, Georgia
  • Rudy Giuliani hospital stay
  • Giant rodents will scare people in the streets of New York City
  • Tragedy Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • An earthquake in Romania
  • A collapse of a building in Hamburg, Germany
  • Elon Musk has to watch his well being
  • In the future, North and South Korea will become one
  • An explosion at a Military Base in San Diego, California
  • A volcano erupts in Italy causing the lava to run into the town
  • A heist of an upscale jewellery store in New York City worth millions of dollars
  • A heist at an art gallery in Berlin, Germany
  • Divers will find an ancient city under the Red Sea
  • A rollover of a double decker bus injures many
  • A lot of wildlife – animals and birds will perish in the Arctic
  • A satellite picks up strange sounds in space
  • In the future people will marry robots
  • A terrorist breaks into the White House
  • A Mississippi riverboat will catch fire
  • Two Motocross drivers collide
  • Earthquake in Cape Town South Africa
  • A cruise ship will be hijacked
  • An airport under siege
  • A bomb blast at Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC
  • An avalanche in Whistler, British Columbia
  • Three casinos robbed in Atlantic City
  • Saudi Arabia under gun fire
  • Russia Ukraine build up – lots of bullets flying
  • Mega earthquake in California
  • Gigantic earthquake in the South Pacific
  • Fire coming out of the ground in some cities
  • Mini earthquakes in the Earths core
  • Resignation around the Vatican – including the Pope
  • North Korea could strike the US
  • Violent storm in Cape Town, South Africa
  • A cyber attack in Washington
  • A fire and explosion at the New York Times
  • Explosion at Penn Station in New York City
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy collapsing
  • A meteor landing in Washington, DC
  • Gunshots around an American politician auto
  • The worst mass shooting in U.S. history
  • Assassination (attempt) on Donald Trump
  • A Presidents motorcade will be attacked
  • Melania Trump and son in danger
  • Terrorist attack in Brussels
  • A plane landing on a busy highway in Denver, Colorado
  • An avalanche in Whistler, British Columbia
  • A wheelchair around a politician
  • Terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Terrorist attack in Alaska
  • A biological attack in London, England
  • A terrorist attack at a fashion show
  • A blimp will explode in the U.S.
  • Highway overpass will collapse in Los Angeles, California
  • A swinging bridge will collapse
  • Terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway
  • Scandal around Scientology
  • Cuba becoming the 51st US State
  • A 7.9 to 8.9 earthquake hitting Italy
  • Rome, Italy on fire

Altre previsioni per il 2021.

  • Another attack in Nice, France
  • Libya under attack
  • Terror attack at Tower Bridge in London, England
  • An earthquake in Arizona and the Grand Canyon
  • An earthquake in Monaco and France
  • 2 planes collide at Heathrow Airport in London, England
  • A biological attack in the UK, France and the U.S.
  • An earthquake in Niagara Falls
  • Mount St. Helen’s erupting
  • An Air India flight crashes between Vancouver, British Columbia to Mumbai, India
  • An avalanche in Switzerland
  • An avalanche at Mt. Hood
  • Floods in the Scottish Highlands
  • A fire at the White House in Washington DC
  • Shootings in Chinatown, San Francisco, California
  • Shooting in Aspen, Colorado
  • Ted Cruz has to be careful of airplanes
  • House of Parliament in London, England has a great fire
  • Explosions on Wall Street, New York – many deaths
  • Fire at the Houston Astrodome
  • Another Tsunami in Thailand
  • A Tsunami in Vancouver, Canada
  • Earthquake in Tuscany
  • A large earthquake in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California
  • A gigantic earthquake in San Francisco, California
  • Tragedy around Seattle’s Space Needle
  • A member of the royal family will be kidnapped
  • Hillary and Bill Clinton have to watch their health
  • Grave danger around Vladimir Putin
  • A bomb explosion around the United Nations
  • A Cuba revolution
  • An enormous typhoon in Bangladesh
  • All of North America will be in the dark with a power blackout
  • Iran and the US will attack each other
  • A massive earthquake will destroy parts of the Middle East
  • A large earthquake in Moscow
  • The Golden Gate Bridge will be partly destroyed in San Francisco, California, and many people dead or injured
  • Trouble around the Brooklyn Bridge in New York
  • A famous politician will end up in a coma
  • Enormous earthquake in India
  • The leader of an Asian country will be assassinated
  • More terrorist attacks in Paris and other parts of France
  • Statue of Liberty under water
  • A hurricane hitting New York City
  • A commuter train in Chicago will derails and overturns, killing many people
  • Terrorist attacks in Australia
  • Monaco on fire
  • Bomb blast at Buckingham palace
  • President Obama could face a health scare and is in danger
  • Donald Trump in grave danger
  • Huge earthquake in Italy devastating the country
  • A great fire and explosion at the Taj Mahal in India
  • Mumbai will have an enormous earthquake
  • Impeachment or grave danger for Rodrigo Duterte (President of the Philippines)
  • Terror attack in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Terror attack in Moscow
  • Protests and riots in Washington, DC
  • Terror attacks in London, England
  • Terror attack in Las Vegas
  • Terror attack in Paris
  • Terror attack in New York
  • Terror attack in Rome, Italy
  • Terror attack in Egypt
  • Terror attack in the Caribbean
  • A fire at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles
  • Fire destroys most of Havana, Cuba
  • A terror attack at Trump hotel
  • Tragedy in Oklahoma City – bombing
  • The Pope has to watch his health and for danger
  • Terror attack in Saudi Arabia
  • Terror attack at Victoria Station in London, England
  • Two planes crash at John F Kennedy airport in New York City
  • Terror attack in Toronto, Canada
  • Terror attack in Vancouver, Canada
  • Ottawa and Montreal still has to be on alert for possible attacks
  • A bomb blast at Heathrow Airport
  • North Korean president Kim Jong Un in danger and could vanish
  • North Korea attacks South Korea
  • Queen Elizabeth has to watch her health and for danger
  • A change in the Monarchy in England
  • Earthquakes in Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec
  • Riots in Madrid, Spain
  • Terror attack in Florida
  • A ski accident around the Trump family
  • Terror attack in Tel Aviv
  • Terror attack in Amsterdam
  • Terror attack in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Drone strike at Buckingham Palace
  • Attack at the White House in DC
  • Stock markets are very volatile around the world
  • A giant earthquake in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • A large earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska
  • A giant earthquake in Manila and Guam
  • More “lone wolf” terror attacks worldwide
  • A commercial airliner shot down by a drone attack
  • A chemical attack in London, England
  • Terror attack at a shopping mall in Dubai
  • The Beverly Center on fire in LA
  • Terror attack in Las Vegas
  • Terror attack in Paris
  • Terror attack in New York
  • Terror attack in Los Angeles
  • Terror attack in Vancouver
  • Terror attack in Toronto
  • Terror attack in Chicago
  • Mount Etna erupting
  • A great earthquake in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco
  • Earthquake in Tokyo, Japan
  • Tragedy at Logan International Airport in Boston
  • Terror attack in Knightsbridge area of London, England
  • Tragedy around the new World Trade Centre in New York City
  • Terror attack in Scotland
  • An arrest in the Madelaine McCann case
  • Mount St. Helen’s erupting
  • Israel and Iran attacking each other
  • A missile reaching Hawaii and Alaska
  • An attack on the Vatican and the Pope
  • The Pope has to watch his health
  • Two famous Canadian politicians will pass
  • Terror attack on Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, California
  • Terror attack in California
  • A giant earthquake between Baja, California and Mexico
  • Bomb blast at the British Prime Minister’s residence, 10 Downing Street, London, England
  • Giant earthquake in Mexico City
  • A large earthquake in Naples, Italy
  • Mount Vesuvius erupting
  • A huge breakthrough in the cure for Alzheimer’s Disease
  • A plane goes into the Eiffel Tower, Paris
  • A huge heist at the Louvre in Paris; Monet’s, Van Goghs, Etc. are stolen
  • A casino fire in the South of France
  • Terror attacks in Pakistan and India
  • More terror attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Saudi Arabia terror attacks, including Riyadh
  • A subway goes out of control in New York City
  • A U.S. heiress will be kidnapped
  • Spaceship landing
  • Metal detectors everywhere
  • “Lone Wolf” attacks in Brussels, Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Scott Peterson is in danger
  • A casino in Las Vegas is robbed and under attack
  • Prince Charles has to watch his health
  • Bomb blast at Heathrow Airport, London, England
  • Terror attack in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia
  • Trouble with the Earth’s magnetic fields caused by solar flares
  • A space tragedy
  • A hurricane hitting the Louisiana coast, similar to Katrina
  • Shootings at Rockefeller Center and Times Square in New York City
  • Blast, explosion and shooting at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City
  • Explosion at Edwards Airforce Base in California
  • Earthquakes in Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec
  • Earthquakes destroying parts of the Taj Mahal
  • Tragedy around the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario
  • Parts of the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, Ontario will collapse
  • Raging hurricanes in Florida
  • Dam burst at Hoover Dam
  • Riots in Madrid, Spain
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in danger
  • More UFO and Alien sightings worldwide
  • A towering inferno in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • A huge chunk of ice coming off the Antarctic shelf
  • Riots in Caracas, Venezuela
  • Plane crashing into the Andes
  • A fiery crash and loss of life at a Grand Prix race
  • Tragedy at a school in Tennessee
  • A massive fire near the Docks in Toronto, Ontario
  • Sex scandal around British Royalty
  • An attack in San Diego, California
  • Breakthroughs in the area of MS
  • Attack at Marble Arch in London, England
  • Attack in Hampstead Heath, England
  • Terrorist attack in Boston, Massachusetts
  • A plane hijacking
  • A hurricane in Toronto, Canada

Nikki la sensitiva: previsioni sulle celebrità.

    1. Tom cruise has to watch for health issues including heart issues
    2. A marriage for Sandra Bullock
    3. Anderson Cooper may adopt another child and have a new partner
    4. Chadwick Boseman could win a lot of posthumous awards for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.  Including an Oscar
    5. Sir Anthony Hopkins is a strong Oscar contender for The Father
    6. Viola Davis is a strong Oscar contender for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Plus, other awards
    7. Frances McDormand – Oscar for Nomadland
    8. Best picture at Oscar’s could go to Nomadland
    9. Best Director at the Oscar’s – Chloe Zhao for Nomadland
    10. Sophia Loren could receive awards including a Golden Globe for The Life Ahead
    11. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West will split
    12. Kanye West will have a meltdown
    13. A problem for Jonny Depp affecting his health and wellbeing
    14. Split for Natalie Portman
    15. Lots of awards for Dolly Parton – could receive the Nobel Peace Prize and Medal of Freedom
    16. Simon Cowell will make a comeback
    17. A reality show for Heidi Klum and daughter
    18. Dancing With The Stars may be cancelled
    19. Hospital stay for Ellen DeGeneres
    20. The Ellen DeGeneres Show cancelled
    21. A celebrity having an allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine
    22. Zendaya has to be careful of planes
    23. Cher will receive an award for helping “The World’s Loneliest Elephant”
    24. George & Amal Clooney car accident
    25. Marriage for Ariana Grande
    26. Leonardo DiCaprio successful TV show and producer
    27. Another child for Katy Perry
    28. A baby for Kendall Jenner
    29. A remake of the movie Ghost
    30. Famous rapper having twins
    31. Mariah Carey having health issues
    32. A remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo
    33. A kidnapping and robbery around Kylie Jenner
    34. Naomi Judd has to watch her health
    35. Drake has to be careful of a shooter/shooters
    36. Health issues around Ringo Star
    37. Murder suicide around a Hollywood couple
    38. Lizzo becoming an actress
    39. Justin Bieber will become a father – a baby Bieber
    40. George and Amal Clooney may have more children, but their marriage is in trouble
    41. George Clooney has to be careful of motorcycles and cars
    42. Kris Jenner health issues
    43. A marriage for Taylor Swift
    44. Clint Eastwood health issues
    45. A famous movie star will get runover by their own car in their driveway
    46. A Country singer will suddenly sing Opera
    47. An international sex symbol will pass
    48. Jane Fonda in the hospital
    49. A rapper will get shot an awards show
    50. Somebody will get shot on a red carpet
    51. Sexual allegations against a gameshow host
    52. Remake of Scarface with Al Pacino possibly making a cameo
    53. Britney Spear in a car accident
    54. John Travolta in a car accident
    55. Dame Judi Dench has to watch health
    56. Prostate problems for Anderson Cooper
    57. A comedian will win an Oscar for a dramatic role
    58. Carol Burnett health issues
    59. Stevie Wonder will have health issues
    60. Bill Cosby rushed to hospital
    61. Brooke Shields divorce
    62. Jack Nicholson hospital stay
    63. Trouble around Steve Harvey
    64. One of the Kardashian’s will charge someone with aggravated assault
    65. Shania Twain has to be careful of horses
    66. Debbie Harry medical problems
    67. A famous Opera singer will perish in a fire
    68. Larry King has to watch his health
    69. A Soap Opera star and a Washington politician will be involved in a sex scandal
    70. Kanye West involved in a shooting
    71. Alessia Cara becoming an actress
    72. Paris Jackson arrested
    73. A Hollywood star involved in a mercy killing
    74. Celine Dion health scare
    75. Johnny Depp overdose and rehab
    76. Idris Elba could turn to directing
    77. Idris Elba and The Rock together in a movie
    78. A member of The Rolling Stones rushed to hospital
    79. Howie Mandel has to watch his health
    80. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will have a baby
    81. A political scandal around Sacha Baron Cohen
    82. A Hollywood couple will call it quits on a talk show
    83. Sinead O’Connor in grave danger around her health
    84. A Hollywood hunk will have a breakdown and serve jail time
    85. A famous chef before a judge could go to jail
    86. Marriage for Oprah
    87. Morgan Freeman hospital stay
    88. Elizabeth Hurley ski mishap
    89. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart will split
    90. Demi Lovato still has to watch her health and well-being
    91. Donatella Versace has to watch her health and well-being
    92. Ted Turner has to watch his health
    93. Elon Musk has to watch his health and well-being
    94. Omarosa in a car accident
    95. Michael Avenatti watch for danger
    96. Julia Roberts will divorce
    97. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West will split
    98. Angelina Jolie has to watch her health
    99. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will split
    100. Joan Collins has to watch her health
    101. Heather Locklear has to watch her health and well-being
    102. David and Victoria Beckham will split
    103. Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling will split
    104. Bill Cosby has to watch health and well-being
    105. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman possible split
    106. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill split
    107. Joe Pesci has to watch health
    108. Barbara Streisand and James Brolin split
    109. Annette Benning and Warren Beatty split
    110. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel split
    111. OJ Simpson in more trouble, back in jail and has to watch health
    112. A Hollywood couple will overdose
    113. John Travolta – more scandal
    114. Ben Affleck has to watch his drinking habit and well-being
    115. A hospital stay for Sylvester Stallone
    116. The Rock has to be careful of Motorcycle
    117. Harrison Ford has to watch his health and well-being; another airplane accident
    118. A wedding for Jennifer Lopez
    119. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill split
    120. Jay-Z and Beyonce will split.
    121. Sir Anthony Hopkins has to watch health.
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