Alex Palmieri pubblica il video “Dangerous Scandalous”

10 Apr 2021 Fabiano Minacci • Tempo di lettura: 2 minuti

Mentre la sua avventura su OnlyFans procede a gonfie vele (è arrivato al secondo posto tra i profili più popolari in Italia), Alex Palmieri continua anche a portare avanti la carriera da popstar. Dopo essere entrato in gara a Magic Song con Dangerous Scandalous, il cantante ha deciso di realizzare un video musicale del singolo.

Un po’ Pussycat Dolls, un po’ Britney Spears al Dream Within a Dream Tour, Alex si è divertito tra coreografie sull’acqua, slinguazzate con i ballerini e ammiccamenti vari.

Alex Palmieri: il testo di Dangerous Scandalous

I’m the kind of guy
Who kisses in front of you the boys you like,
People feel intimidated by,
Your daddy were afraid you’d turn up to be like

And i don’t know why

Have to conform to the stereoptype
With the controversial way i live my life
Somebody told me that i am too bad for a good type
A little borderline

When i neckyng you just to know that i have whole control of your mind
Look me now look me better
Think to know what you see but it’s
Just 1 percent of who i am for real
Experience totally changed me

Inside i’m vulnerable and you think i need to be saved
But i am dangerous dangerous
I am scandalous scandalous
What i do is just so innocent, cannot change the way i am

No cure for a heart in thousand pieces,
Everything you get with me is juda’s kisses
Trust me when i say
That there’s no god in the way i’ve
Take, that i am wrong but i am not fake

Dangeros scandalous, i’m a shallow boy – shallow boy (woho)

It’s in my dna – can’t hide anymore that i am
Dangerous – scandalous
Don’t want to be exposed (no more)

Don’t want to give my heart and have it back with missing parts
Now you can hate me, you can love me, you can judge me
But you cannot tame me, i am what i am

Dangerous scandalous, i’m a shallow boy – shallow boy (woho)
It’s in my dna – too good to be bad when i play
Dangerous dangerous dangerous scandalous (woho woho)
I am material, i’m the bad behavior,
It’s in my nature – end of conversation.

Alex festeggia le 100.000 visualizzazioni.


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